The first Fan Club Meeting from Cyberspace


Tommy, Danny, & Keith

Tommy, Linda Sullivan, & Laurin Willis

Marla Rivera & Cris and Pat Simmons

The Lovely and Very Nice
Cris Simmons

Doobies and Fan Club Members

More Members and Doobs

John McFee and Debbie Zamorano

Keith Knudsen

Danny Hull

Skylark and Danny

Filming For Harley Davidson

The Drum Setup

Tommy Johnston, Danny Hull, Keith Knudsen, and Guy Allison

Keith Knudsen, Guy Allison, John McFee, Danny Hull,
Sheri Dawn Rosile, "Big Mike" Hossack, and Debbie Zamorano

"Big Mike" Hossack, Pat Simmons, and Debbie Zamorano

Laurie Stevenson, Danny Hull, Keith Knudsen,
John Rollason, Guy Allison and Tommy Johnston

Cris and Pat Simmons

The Gang

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