Thanks to Roger Cunningham
for these photos at the Fan Club Meeting
in Saratoga, California
June 5th, 1999

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Lee Ann Cunningham
in Big Basin National Park

Tiran Porter
makes Saratoga

Curt Cumming

Marti Rabon and
Marla Rivera

Pat's Guitar Tech
Joe Valee

Nick Wride

Holly Perry & Big Mike

Pat's Gutiar
Made from a 50 year old
Koa tree from Hawaii

Shad Meshad and
Laurin Willis

John McFee's
Guitar Clinic

Tiran Porter and
John McFee

Peter Dubin

Pat, Cris and Tiran

Mikinori Yamanouchi and
Pat Simmons
A fan from Japan

Cris, Pat and Laurin

Chris Snyder
Going for the raffle win!

Danny Hull and
Lee Ann Cunningham

Cris and Pat Simmons

Laurin Willis and Pat
The Doobies show
their appreciation

Shad Meshad and
Pat Simmons

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